The Artist

Katherine Whelan

Katherine is a Sydney based artist who specialises in creating bold, bright and colourful artwork. Her work reflects her lifelong passion to express how we ‘feel’ rather than what we ‘do’ (sentiments vs culture). Katherine believes that the way people react emotionally to the world around them says more about the status and future of society than what they do. 


Katherine studied neuroscience and psychology in Melbourne and has a PhD in psychological sciences. She has led consumer behaviour and insights departments for many organisations, advising clients on branding and marketing strategy, before shifting gears to pursue art full time in 1999.


Creating art for sale fulfils a lifelong dream for Katherine – Make it POP – Art. As a teenager Katherine excelled in art subjects but due to personal and financial obstacles was unable to pursue it as a career. Katherine went on to achieve academic excellence in roles focusing on human psychology, however, she continued to produce art privately while developing skills with the use of new technologies such as Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign etc., which were not available when she was younger! Today Katherine’s main art is digital illustration – with an strong focus on Pop Art style and technique.


Katherine’s work has been described as “energetic” and “bold”. Her art explores human emotions through images that combine colours and layers with titles that capture the moods she hopes to express. Katherine believes drawing on her expertise in human behaviour and her instinct on ‘the mood of the people’ will produce timeless limited edition artworks for a global audience.


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