Mark Bouris & Katherine Whelan founder artist make it pop art

One of Australia’s business masters talks about drivers of success – Mark Bouris

It was a pleasure to hear Mark Bouris talk through the many challenges & rewards of owning your own business. Not to mention the similarities in our experiences coming from a European (Greek) background. What specifically stood out to me was his advice on the importance of taking your time before you settle on partners for your business. At make it POP – Art we certainly took our time to explore/research the best printing partner for the production of our Giclée prints. We proudly settled on Cie-Elle (Digital Imaging) & it has been an absolute blessing. Cie-Elle (Digital Imaging) produce all of our wall art prints; both limited edition & custom/personalised art work. We both share an appreciation for detail & quality, as well as a passion for creativity & making artist’s dreams come true.

Mr Bouris also talked about the importance of a good daily routine & healthy habits. All of us at make it POP – Art try our best to maintain as much routine & structure as possible, however, when the creative juices flow, it can be extremely hard to stop the artistic process. Creative bursts can be fickle & unforgiving, so at times we let them take over for as long as we can… We do, however, incorporate these creative bursts into a ‘good routine’, so that in the end each design is worthy of being sold as a limited edition & high value product.

The event featuring Mark Bouris was made possible by Club of United Business (CUB). These events are open to CUB members.